As of Monday at 11 AM the Rush river was Chocolate milk at 570th but clear at Martell. Both the upper Kinni and the lower Kinni were spared by Sunday nights torrential rains. The severe storms moved on a line straight East below HWY. 494 and through Western Wisconsin. The Kinni fished well with the fabled Hendrickson?, hatch in full swing. (don’t miss this one!) Chilly and overcast, the hatch didn’t start until after 5 PM. The sheer amount of bug mass on the water made fishing more difficult and individual fish needed to be targeted. Flies Dragging on the drift were refused in a heartbeat and it was easy to see the drag with so many naturals on the water. Other insects were on the water, they included BWO’s , Crane flies, and Caddis. Sulfurs or PMD’s, were coming off on the Rush river Sunday afternoon.