The recent rains have not effected the waters of Pierce county. The hot weather has! Fishing during the mid-day has been slower due to the clear, sunny,hot conditions. The heaviest hatches of Baetis have shifted to the early morning although they continue to come off sporadically throughout the afternoon. Monday saw more traffic on the Rush river than I have seen all spring, this is a good sign to see people are finally coming out of their winter cocoons. Wednesday a good black Stonefly hatch occurred about 4 PM and the fish fed on both the nymphs and drys, a sight I’m not used to seeing with the Stoneflies around here. These monsters were about 1 inch long ,with the females carrying a large yellow egg sack. I had nothing in my box to match the drys. A large Copper John in #16 did the trick for the nymph and the day was made. It looks like the weather will cool off later this week and I expect it to help the fishing.