Finally, Tuesday was the day for my first Wisconsin trout of 2017.

Roads were in poor shape on Tuesday morning but the sky was clear the weather was a pleasant break from the ice rain the night before. By 10 PM Monday night when I made the final slide south out of River Falls, roads were nothing short of Zamboni perfect. Driftless terrain and glare ice is about as scary as it gets for road conditions around here. One miscalculation on breaking pressure and you can count on something bad happening. By 11:30 I purposefully wedged my truck into a snow bank and walked the rest the way home. I had had enough. I digress.


From 11 am to 2 pm fishing was consistent. There were fish on the surface but tight brushy conditions made nymphing a better choice. Midges and little black stones were everywhere.  The bugs were on the banks, in the air, on the water, up your nose. This was probably the most prolific winter hatch I had seen in a while. Along with the midges and stones, a billion little unidentified bugs were also there in force. Someone said they were called springtails which would fit since they did jump around when you invaded their space. Below is a bad picture of my #20 flashback Kinni nymph sitting next to a pile of these little springers. Individuals  were not much bigger than the point of a pin, not the head, the point.