Trimbelle River

The same rain that is helping keep everything green outside through this hot August has made your trout streams in Pierce County Wisconsin brown and unruly. My guide trip for today has unfortunately been cancelled and some home improvement projects have jumped to the top of the list. 3.5″ in River Falls and almost 6″ of rain in the Baldwin area have blown up todays, and most likely some of the weekend fishing. Rain is still hanging tough in the area but it looks like the worst is over. The weekend conditions will be iffy and kinda, sorta, ¬†unpredictable right now. The Kinni is only now beginning to recede ¬†from its 400 some CFS and the Rush is full to the banks at the upper end. This one has been slow to build to peak flows with all the tributaries, run-off gullies, ditches and farm fields taking a while to relieve themselves into the main stem. Lets hope water conditions are quicker to improve to maybe salvage a Late Saturday/Sunday fish.

Steelhead Dreams are beginning their sleep-time dance.