Last weeks guide trips were 33 degrees and rain on Tuesday. Friday, intense snow, wind and then sunny and calm, all in the span of 4 hours. Water temps had dropped an average of 8 degrees from the week before. Each of the clients brought fish to hand in the inclement weather. BWO’s were out on Friday and it was great to see the surface action.


Today, it is too hot and sunny. But,,,, it might bring the bugs I have been looking for. Watch for the little gray caddis on sunny afternoons about this time of year and do not forget about the 1″ long stoneflies that also hatch in number giving the trout a t-bone steak to munch on. Either one could pop this week. The spring has been odd(maybe not, what is normal?), rumors of the caddis beginning in the southeast of Min. are circulating. No matter the case, be ready with your gray caddis dries and emergers. These hatches should show in soon. As much as I(and the trout) dislike sun and clear water conditions, these two hatches make the trout rabid.

Right now is the time to go fishing. I will let you know when you should not go fishing because something has changed for the worse. Right now, my responsibilities to my family have doubled and I have less time(much less)time to sit and write.


Coulee Introduction

This is Coulee. Coulee is a youngish (3-4 years old) English Springer Spaniel and is full of energy. He is staying with the Goat and Goat Mama for the next ten days. He has stayed with us before and we love to have him as a guest.

Here are a few notes on Coulee

-Coulee is a very athletic dog, he is fast, can jump(springer), has a great nose and is great at flushing any animal out of cover. He needs to have regular exercise and we have the perfect spot for him to burn calories

-Coulee is not a good leash dog. Leash=rotator cuff surgery

-Coulee is a cuddler. At the spa he sleeps with us.

-Coulee is one of the slyest and fastest kitchen counter surfers ever. I swear he can elongate his neck, has suctioning abilities and would win any dog olympics in this event. Hands down!

-Coulee once ate a cheeseburger out of my hand with the expert quickness and gentleness of a pick pocket. I never knew the burger had left my hand until I saw the gulping.

-Last year, while grilling lunch on a compact, foot high, grill during our fly fishing float of the St. Croix, two brats mysteriously disappeared from the grate while we were cooking them. The provider of lunch swore he brought 12. Only 10 were located. Two buns sat vacant on the picnic table. Coulee was noted rutting around in the grass a few feet away.

Coulee’s owners are both experts in the food industry. The last time coulee stayed with us his owner claimed he came back home at least 10 pounds over weight. Upon dropping Coulee off for his stay at the Ponderosa Dog Spa this time, exact food measurements were demonstrated and strict instructions were given in regard to what our canine friend could and could not have to eat. Admissions were made by his owner, that Coulee will beg incessantly and large amounts of drool will come out of his mouth while he is engaged in this activity. This and the following posts will highlight the differences between living in a nice residential neighborhood in St. Paul and living in the woods and river valleys of Western Wisconsin and the link as to why Coulee may once again be going back home a bit chunkier then when he came to the ponderosa.


Total Doggy Dirt Roll- Another Bath

New notes on Coulee

-Coulee loves to eat baby animals. If it eeks or squeeks, he will eat um. Yesterday the den of baby rabbits was quickly emptied by Coulee. From 25 feet away I could see coulee probing deep under a shrub in our flower garden. Suddenly he began flipping little furry things in the air and gulping them down. By the time I got to him this had occurred 3, maybe 4 times. I wonder how many calories are in whole baby rabbits.

No Rabbits Left  Here

No Rabbits Left Here

Today it was the nest of baby mice under the hay bale. Once the nest was exposed, Coulee pecked with the accuracy of a chicken pecking grit.  I will bet Close 10 pink erasers were inhaled in a matter of seconds. Sorry about the extra calories Jeff.

I will keep you updated on Coulees weight gain and food intake.