Fishing has been good! By the number of cars I have seen out on the river, you already know that. I am not sure you even need me any more and some have suggested I should probably just shut her down. Oh Well!

Blue wings, midges, nymphs of all kinds. This report gets you up to date on what has been going on in the last 10 days since the wildly successful R4F Film Festival Fund Raiser for The Kinnickinnic River Land Trust. Following that, was our “Traditional Opening Day” extravaganza. After that, the unseasonably warm weather continued. The bugs were flying everywhere and trout were coming to the surface. And then it snowed like the sky and the wind and old man winter were just pissed off. They did not want the sun and the warmth and the blue skies to return,,,,ever. But they did, and some giant fish ate in the aftermath of that storm And it was beautiful to be out on the river.

Here we go.


The crew was very strong this year. This was half of it. There were celebrities from all over the region and a number of different states. Prince was expected to drop by but no one ever saw him. A couple of interlopers were escorted off the property by security.

Through the wonders of technology, engineering and the kindness of a representative of Able Seedhouse & Brewery a keg of their fabulous “First Light” IPA made it down the mile long hill and nearly 330 Ft of elevation to cool in the waters of the Kinni. It was drunk!

Fishing rods were used wisely.

Something went dramatically wrong during this years “Hug a Tree” campaign.

In the end, anglers and dogs, trout and trees and peace of mind all survived another glorious opener. Thanks you to this group of handsome devils.
During the week, a few days later,,,,, the otherwise quiet waters of another Western Wisconsin stream, irrupted in a BWO/midge hatch to die for.
And then the nature of things changed.
The sky grew darker and it was difficult to see.
Driving home at night I became confused. What to do? Which way to turn?
By the next day, all was well, and my long standing client refused to be deterred by a little snow.
The day was memorable. Leave it at that.