The rivers had their flow spike in the warm weather on Tuesday and have continued to come down since. No waters “blew out” by any means and the snow is all but gone through most of the watersheds. The weekend is looking good, well at least Saturday and then maybe some rain on Sunday. Midges are in the air and some heads have been popping, look for this to continue as the earth in our neck of the woods continues to warm. Big flies or small flies choose your food. March is an awesome time to be on the water.

Tomorrow the F3t film tour comes to River Falls. The Group that is putting the film on calls itself the R4F(River Falls Fly Fishing Festival), get it, R4F. Catchy, I know. Look for some cool events to be linked up in the future. I will participate as the events MC and attempt to use foolish childlike behavior to keep the event on track and fun. To those of you who watched the show in Minneapolis this last week, you get another chance tomorrow to shoot across the border and watch the show again, or just spend some quality time hanging with you fly fishing buds. Don’t forget to spend a little dough(and a chance at some great prizes) supporting the great resource that the Kinni is!

Saturday, in the same location as the film, Brian from Lund’s Fly Shop in River Falls is hosting a Fly Fishing Expo of his own, and will have River Falls abuzz with the best of the regions fly guys and gals. Unfortunately or Fortunately, I look at it both ways. My traditional opening day extravaganza is being held on Saturday so I will be unable to attend the Lund’s shin dig. I will be taking a nap, fly rod in hand, somewhere on the Kinni for the 35th year, if memory and records serve me right.

Next week is The Greatwaters event in White Bear Lake. I will be speaking on Friday at 5 PM, I believe, and am excited to see the new venue. More on that next week.

Next year we will make sure to schedule all these fly fishing gala events a little more spread out.