Today, the Goat comes out of the barn, shakes the mold off the blog, heads to his first ever drug test, then gets ready to visit the brightest bulbs on the tree.

My friends John and Casey have spent countless hours putting together the best new beer experience in the Twin Cities. Able Seedhouse and Brewery was put together with the precision of softly laying a #22 CDC, Biot body, trico spinner, smack dab on the snout of a 20 inch rising brown trout with a 40 foot,,,, OK,,,, 50 foot presentation cast.  Attention to detail was the mantra and success will only follow their endeavor.  It will be hard to keep this genie in the bottle. Go tonight 5-7:30 Able Seedhouse and Brewery

After the last trips to the Brule for the season, the waders are hung with care and rods un-strung. The boots are slid under the stairs and all my fishing gear snuggles in for the long winters nap. Holy Sheetrock Batman! The trout season in Wisconsin opens up in a little over 2 weeks for the first time,,, in forever! I better get some flies tied up. or at least say I will. Tonight will be a great night, spinning my wheels from the country to the city and finding my way to the Able brew, ha, ha. Apparently there will be some heavy hitters there and Minnesota Bound may just be there with their cameras. Stop by. Say Hi. Have One.

Find it on FB:  Beer + Fly + Fun = BE ABLE