YESTERDAY……… on the Rush I landed Hope, and then her sister Faith came to hand. Before I had Hope and  Faith, I missed Big John. I was actually sight fishing to him but having some focus issues because I was really fishing to the first pod of fish I had sighted which was all suckers (I can tend to be cheap and tawdry when I need a bite). Big John came out from behind a big rock and stole the fly from the suckers. It was a sight for sore eyes to see that kind of take. Caught in the moment, I misplaced my hook set. I swore out loud. A crow, perched in a stream-side tree laughed at me. I told him to Piss Off, cheeky bastard.  Game On! In the next two hours I also landed Ernie and Lucas(decided to name my trout on Tuesday). I kept moving and fished everything that looked likely. Deep pools, plunges and dark colored dirt banks, no likely water was left unfished. Larger(1″)stoneflies have begun to make their appearance. These bigger meals  probably will get some of the bigger fish moving and points in the direction that the water is warming. Water was super clear and spooky. I also took the first  selfy/ie? photos of my life in an attempt to not harm precious gems like Hope and Faith. What a cluster puck that was.


Looks like some better reports are starting to come in on the quickie post. feel free to post wherever you like. Also know that I get to moderate your posts because of the filthy pornography that sometimes is sent through the wicked web.  Sometimes it takes me a few days to get through it all and hit the approve button. Why are the Russian wannabe brides targeting The Goat?


ST. OLAF…….. Great Universities have accredited fly fishing courses. St. Olaf is one of those universities and I am always thrilled to be asked to speak at the class. The day was a bit windy so their first attempt in casting in the wind was on they syllabus. What a great group. TA’s for the class Ben (Jolly Fly Fishing) and Morgan helped with the instruction. Also a surprise, Jake from the brothers Jake and          from one of my steelhead posts from last year attended and helped out. Thaks to Scott Nesbit and his class for making me feel welcom and listening to my instruction and foolish stories.


TOM HELGESON’S GREATWATERS FLY FISHING EXPO……. Once again it is time to gather the fly fishing community. The Expo has many great memories for me and I am honored to be asked to speak at this event. Because of my real job, as my friends call it, I will only be there on Friday this year. From the looks of the schedule I will be speaking at 5 PM. My program will include a mix of conservation news from Western Wisconsin, techniques to help with catching and of course stories from the water. Hope to see ya there. Oh, reading my bio on the speakers page, I want to thank whoever wrote those words. They are very kind. Most of you know I am real kind of a dick:)