Parking Update-Good news on the parking front.
We have bugged the parking enforcement people so much that they have kindly allowed us more parking freedom for the event.
They will no longer be writing any tickets after 4:30 to anyone unless they are illegally parked!
Meaning we can park in any lot, as long as no one is blocking fire lanes or parked in no parking or handicap spots.

Ready for what's next!

Ready for what’s next!





Just looked at the date of my last blog post. Been off the grid for a bit for an old fashioned electronic cleansing, but its all about to change, and yours truly is excited.  For the loyalist, I apologize. For those who have gone away, I hope I can lure you back. For those of you who know me, you have seen this irresponsible behavior before. Go ahead, let me have it if you like, I could use a vicious velvet tongue lashing. Bring it if ya got it!


As far as tomorrow and the weekend , the stars are beginning to align.

Friday-  Seasonable weather and the beginning of a warm-up. No Super sub-zero, ice plagued, wind chilled, bad driving, Frozen hellishness to kick off the: 2nd Annual f3t Fly Fishing Film Tour in River Falls. As of right now the event is sold out. That is over 400 tickets sold to a community of people who care about the Kinni, its protection and all looking forward to breaking the fun meter.  Brian at Lunds Fly Shop summed it up nicely so I stole some of his words(with his permission of course).

  • Out of 450 tickets we have about 40 left  0 left, sold out.
  • Over $10,000 worth of door prizes, auction & raffle items. (more now)
  • 10 amazing fly tiers demoing throughout the night
  • 15 tables with vendors, conservation groups and artists selling merchandise
  • available for purchase-Fish tacos, Philly cheesesteaks, fajitas and grilled UWRF Falcon brats, mmmmm
  • Rush River Beer, some wine and some other beverages for sale as well.
  • An awesome set of fly fishing films.

*Gray Goat Fly Fishing will be offering the only live auction item during the intermission,  -A full day guided trip for two anglers-  Due to VIP participation, this trip will consist of access through private property on the lower Kinni, a streamside, chef made, customizable meal, a guide goat and guided fly fishing on some of the finest water on the river.  *Anyone attending with auctioneer experience may volunteer to help us sell this trip. I know the entertainment value of watching us try to do it ourselves will be priceless!!! Get your pocketbooks ready for this one.

A sincere thanks to all who have purchased tickets, set up this event, sponsored or are participating. All Proceeds go to help protect the beauty and health of the Kinnickinnic River and its watershed

Oh ya! Saturday is the Early Season Trout Opener; warm weather, sun, low winds. See ya on the water.

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