Just got word that the upper Rush went off color at about 6 pm tonight,  about 12″ of clarity. The dirt must not have got to mid river until after I left.

The Kinni flows climbed higher today as well. Looks like some ice plugs are beginning to let loose.

Saturdays conditions are anyones guess. If temps climb high it could be the beginning of the end for a while.

Saw the Rush from 3 to 6 pm. A bit swollen at rod and gun but still not dirty. Midges and fish up.  The water looked stained  at 10 bridge. silt must be getting stirred up down low. We will freeze tonight and run off should slow. The next few days is anyones guess on water conditions.

I did not see the Kinni today. From flow numbers it is probably swollen but not blown. Will see it tomorrow.

Have fun if you go!