A friend of mine urged me to get high on the river if I wanted to find some trout. No silly, I am not talking about the new medical marijuana legislation that just advanced through the Minnesota house. I am talking about the upper reaches of the rivers in Pierce County. On Monday at a balmy 10 degrees I found a few willing trout to grab my fly on the upper Kinnickinnic River. The water on the upper end of the rivers may be more open and flowing than the middle and lower sections  that we fished on opening day. If I were to poke around  over the next few days I might try those sections first. Open water will be hit and miss until we have a few days of significant warming, and especially the deep pools where the majority of the trout will be hanging out during this time of year. Snow will make it difficult to move deep into the stretches of water that you might normally fish during the spring and summer so we will all have to take what we can get until the snow pack settles a bit or someone else blazes a trail to the honey holes. Think about the areas that you know were springs or tributaries run in  and you might find some fish.  Let me know what you find.


The Twin Cities Trout Unlimited Banquette will be held this Saturday at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. I will be there along with a host of other like minded indiviuals enjoying the evenings events, telling some lies stories and having a great time raising some money for a great cause. Hurry and RSVP I am told there are only a few tickets left for the event. See you there. Click on the link above for details.