This post will be short and sweet.

-The water flows were just above the mean this last week, water conditions were good

-There were fish in the river

-Weather conditions were almost too good, sunny and 70 early in the week

Serious First Day Talk

Serious First Day Talk


-Angler traffic was extremely heavy, the most I have ever seen. Some think it is my fault

-Some of the best anglers I know did not hook or land a steelhead. Steelheading can be like that

-Some anglers had great days and caught the fish of a life time. Steelheading can be like that

-Serious leaf drop occurred. Wind made it worse

-There was no lack of “Brule River Theory” to justify results

-Thousands of dollars of gear was donated to the snag monsters

-I tipped over and face planted in the river. Some very large rocks conspired against me


Until I receive a few photos from the “Goat Herd” I will wait on my next post. There are a number of stories that I would like to tell from this week but need the photos to give them the credibility they deserve. Those of you who promised me photos, please send them to me at  The phrase, “Goat Herd” has now been permanently coined due to the incredible kindness that was displayed by those who went out of their way to offer up a hand shake, share a photo or story, call out “Hey Goat” or buy me a beverage at the Kro-Bar. I tip my hat to you in thanks and humbly accept your compliments. I did not know there were so many.


All Smiles

A friend of mine who is a giant media personality in another market was up on the Brule with me this week. He told me I should refrain from partying with my followers unless they are girls. He said it is dangerous. To those of you that bought me beverages at the pub I thank you, It saved my budget. However, realize that alcohol poisoning can kill a guy and usually my theory and technique conversations get less coherent as the night goes on.  If you just want to take me off the river for the “first light, first bite” session you don’t have to worry. I leave that for the more serious anglers.

Have Fun

Join The Herd!

Just in;  Flows up today. Rained all night. Be wet and have fun.