A Misty Trico Morning

The rivers are just fine. An inch of rain that came hard and fast to the area left almost no sign of flow change or clarity to the waters. The corn crops sucked it up before it had a chance to hit the ground.

The Rush is clear and spooky. Tricos are out in the am, but spotty and short lived in some spots. Every day is different. If you get there early enough you will have time to drive around looking for the highest concentration of bugs. Likely you might also find the highest concentration of cars, but really angler traffic has been quite low as of late. More for me:)

All Smiles

All Smiles

The Kinni has a twinge of color to it and is running about normal for this time of year. They have adjusted the gage and flow instruments, I think, and the data is now back in line to what it used to be. Boat traffic has been light but look for it to pick up this weekend as it looks to be a good one. Go early or late for the best fishing activity.