IMG_4322They have been spotted on a resonably regular basis now. The mating clouds are there but the sunny days have made the hatches short lived. The cool windy weather should delay the hatch until air temp reaches the high 60’s if we get there. The wind will not help these mayflies sit on the water. The Rush has much better water clarity than the Kinni. Have fun this weekend.

Lost & Found

There have been a couple of that are lost and found. If you have info let us know.



“Boat-load of Good Karma and Reward”
Due to a vest malfunction I dropped a 4 by 5 sky blue fly box in the thick stuff on the Rush last weekend. Its filled with drys– some that I purchased from Andy when Gordon’s shop existed. Would greatly appreciate the eyes and honest help of Gray Goat followers to assist in its return. It’s somewhere south of 570 ave bridge down to the
second set of limestone bluffs. Reward of $25 or a bottle of good bourbon.
Bill @ 612 750 1094


Hey Andy, 

I was fishing the lower kinni and found a Ross 3wt rod and echo reel this morning.  If you have heard of anyone who lost one let me know.