Notice Water Stain

Notice Water Stain

This week I spent time on both the Kinni and the Rush doing some fishing and guiding. A few things have changed since the two periods of heavy water flow spikes from the heavy rains in the last two weeks.

First, both rivers are holding a consistent stain of fine particulate matter. It has added a color to the normally crystal clear water. I believe this has occurred because of the enormous amount of silt that was stirred up during the high flows. This will take a bit of time to settle out.

The course of the rivers has moved around. Pools, shallows, angles of runs have in many cases changed,
subtly. Some features have improved in terms of fishability, Some have not. Once favorite “honey holes” may now be sand flats. Giant lumber piles have built up and in many cases the trees put in the river by the 14″ of wet snow late this spring have been swept out of your favorite holes and been deposited in others. Over many years of fishing these two great trout streams my eye notices both the big and little changes. It is just a reminder that nothing stays the same, that life is about adaptation. Chang brings new challenges.

The bottom gravel and rock has mostly been scoured and cleaned. The look is fresh. Flipping rocks yielded very few insect normally teaming on all sides of these larger bottom dwellers. How will this bode for the trout with less easily accessible food? How will it bode for the anglers? What about the tricos? Already I am getting reports that the usual “Witching Hour” before dusk is void of the normal top water feeding frenzy that normally occurs during this time period. Let me know what you have found.

The Bass are calling.IMG_4818