I love the smell of night crawlers in the morning. My guide schedule for May is every day so I apologize for the lack of updates. I will do my best to tweet-blog. I just made that up.

Rain continues today and tomorrow so they say. I think the heavy down pours may have kicked the waters off color last night but I won’t know until I get out there today.

The USGS flow meter on the KInni is reading different than for the previous 15 years. When they moved the meter last year for bridge construction something changed. I have contacted them. They say the meter is not “Dialed In” yet. Not sure what that means but the data I used for the last 15 years to calculate fishability  without actually seeing the river is no longer is relevant.  I will keep you updated.

Everything was fishable up to 10 pm last night when I got off the water. That could change in the next few days.

No prolific hatches yet “river wide”  but pockets of actively feeding top water trout have been found. they are looking up…

trout are becoming more active on Classic swing, wet fly techniques.

A bit longer than a tweeeet.