Tom Helgeson’s Greatwaters Fly fishing Expo will be at the National Sports Center in Blaine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday next week. I am glad to say I will be in my booth and look forward to you all stopping buy(subliminal message) by. I will be speaking and tying at the show and it is always pleasant to actually see you in person and chat instead of having to bang on this keyboard. This event is special to me and I hope you can find the time to stop by. Keep an eye out for updates this coming week to the official website, and here as the NSC finalizes the speaking and tying schedule.



The flows are holding their own. Yesterday under partly sunny skies, the midges and Stones were heavier on the banks. The Dave Norling Cane Rod stored in the bed of the pick-up truck jumped from the rod tube and never looked back. Trout were rising from noon on, and my friend Casey and I had a blast taking turns pitching the Griffith’s Gnats and catching the chunky surface feeders for an hour or better. The fish that were rising in the stretch of river were not the giants that will come later this spring, but it was a whole lot of fun to throw that dry.

IMG_4645Finally shutting down the risers, there was some sub-surface business to attend to. A few horses were caught and a few outsmarted us. All part of the fun. The highlight was a 20 ft ice shelf that could not support both of our weight after hooking and trying to net the biggest fish of the day. Both anglers plunged into the water. As I felt the water touch the surface of my nose(I was heading down the bank face first), I thrust my arm into the water going in shoulder deep before I pushed myself upright and swung my legs around. We ended up landing the fish and laughing about it for the rest of the day.

IMG_4635Looks like tomorrow should be a good day to be out on the river.