Thanks for all the comments. They are the perfect picture of the Brule. I love it! Too hot, too cold. No fish, fish everywhere. Steelhead caught standing on the rock, which by the way I have caught quite a number of fish never caught a fish from. Too many anglers, not a soul on the river. My friend and I were just talking about last year when the majority of our fish were caught on size 10 and 12 insect imitations. This year they would not touch the small offerings. The best flies for us were size 6 and 8s. You get the picture.

The Brule is a fickle, shy girl, kind of like my wife. She is uncertain, she is definitive, she is illusive. She is simple and to the point. She is strong and fast and she is tender and thoughtful. She is friendly and giving, but as well, she has expectations that can make your head spin. I am from Mars and she from Venus. It id what it id and it is breath taking. Honey that was a complement.

For all the years I have spent chasing the thrill, I embrace the engagement. I am smitten-Adj. 1. smitten – (used in combination) affected by something overwhelming; (not sure if my grammar-cracker is correct here). I am bound and determined to get it right. Sure, sometimes I am focused and work hard to solve the riddle, at others I am lazy and indifferent.  There are times when I cannot for the life of me find my mojo and others where I can hook three fish on three casts. Go figure. No matter the case I am lured by love and commitment. I know it will make me wiser, better and more successful in the endeavor.

I am just a boy at heart. Mischievous, cunning, curious and fragile in many ways. I test the limits and boundaries so that I know where to set my expectations. In marriage as in Steelheading I set my expectations to just one. The feel of the smooth skin and sleek body in my rough hands never grows old. Each day is a chance to hold the one I love and whisper the pleasantries of eternal commitment into her ear flap.

A few words of wisdom;

-If by chance more than one should be interested in your offering for some unforeseen reason. Be kind and appreciative. Don’t whisper, talk. Explain your situation and your commitment to just one. Many times this will cause them to spit the hook. If not, be relentless. Stand your ground and separate their aggressive behavior by keeping them in a net. Do not touch, repeat, DO NOT TOUCH! If you must take a photo, do the old net on the ground photo. Your married buddies will be proud of you when they see the picture. They will know that you were by yourself and you did the right, moral and ethical thing.

-A skunk=The dog/goat house. You have done something wrong or have been unlucky. The dog house has a way of changing one’s attitude. Vow to search out the key master to enable the gate keeper to let you out.

-As you have already found out steelheading is not easy. Let’s be clear, you are from a different planet than the one you have built this relationship with. Explore, learn, be flexible, and change your tactics every once in a while, Be yourself. Remember she did not pick someone from her home planet. I understand Men from Venus are undesirable.

In addition to my first shot at writing romance novels, I guess this post is for my friend Jim who was recently Wed after his bachelor party on the Brule in October and my other friend Jeff who’s bachelor party is upcoming on the Brule next week. Two Bachelor parties in one fall steelhead season, imagine that.  I am hoping we catch just one,,,,,,,,,each.