Looks like only 5 more days of this to come,,,, for now. Trout fishing in the heat of the day can be hit or miss. The nice thing about it is you can stay mostly comfortable since you are standing in cool water. Humidity is the uncomfortable part.

Here are a few ideas to keep comfortable if you want to fish through the heat of the day;

Hydrate- I drink 32-64 oz of water or Gatoraide before I ever hit the stream on days where I’ll be in the heat all day. It is better to get the H2O in you before than to try and bring it all with on your back or catch up on it afterwards.

Shade- Tree cover or tree lined banks will provide shade when you need it. Stay away from the pasture streams on days like this. The fish will look for shade as well so fish sections you know that has an abundance of it .

Wet Wade- Although I don’t usually recommend wet wading around here at this time of year because of the abundance of pain inflicting plant life and blood sucking insect life, in this heat, it will add to your comfort level. Stay in the water as much as possible and walk/wade to the next spot. Learn to identify the bad plants like different nettles and the different parsnips. Stay away from them with thin quick-dry pants.

Go lite- Take only what you need. fly boxes, tools, floatant. Leave the heavy vests and packs in the truck

Mornings (sunrise) have held the coolest water temps.

Kinni F bridge update 

Looks like the construction company is not happy. This update came in yesterday

– We have noticed the public has been moving our barricades to pick up kayakers over the weekend. We also had some vandalism with a front end loader window broken by riprap being tossed at it. The public does not have permission to move barricades or to utilize the site in any way or at any time. The Sherriff’s department has been notified and will be patrolling the site more frequently.¬†

NO TRICOS YET. A bit of rain fell last night.