Another Late Night

Just back from 4 days in Milwaukee to visit my parents.

Seems as though some serious rain fell up north here while I was gone. The Rush river looked like the clarity was poor and chocolaty at HWY 10 where I crossed on my way home. The Kinni looked to have weathered this rain until today. The flows are now 400 or better. I think it will be a few days for the rivers to come back to fishable. I will get you up to speed on conditions as I explore a bit in the next few days. Rain continues to be a threat. Get the bowling shoes dusted off and roll a few frames.

Kinni F Bridge Update

– Project was hit with 2.33″ of rain last Thursday night, 1.4″ of rain over the weekend, and 0.5″ of rain last night. Site was inspected after each rain event and no releases into the Kinni. The site is holding up well, thus far. Emergency Erosion Control Order was issued last Friday to clean out some silt, add a few more items, and reinforce some potential problem areas. Contractor mobilized to the site the same day and completed the corrective actions.
– With high winds early this morning, many signs and barricades have blown over. Traffic Control contractor has been notified to mobilize to site to restore what has been blown over.
– Pile driving for the north pier was completed yesterday.
– Danger Buoys will remain in place for project duration. Two upstream and two downstream.
– Recreationists are allowed to proceed through the bridge site but are encouraged to use caution.
– Local residents will continue to have access to their homes within the project limits at all times with a few interruptions of short duration to allow driveway entrance work.
– Intersection of CTH F and CTH FF will remain open to the south and east only until construction operations begin in that area. No access to the north will be allowed.
– 820th St. will remain open and CTH F to the north of 820th St.

* Lunda plans to form and place rebar for the north pier today and finishing early tomorrow. They plan to pour the north pier column around 11:00am tomorrow. Recreationists are to continue to use caution when passing through the structure and overhead construction activities must cease when recreationists do proceed through bridge site during work hours.

* Tree trimming and stump grinding operations are continuing this week on the north and south sides.

*Hoffman has been exposing two test sites for rock blasting on the north side of the bridge. This first series of rock blasting is to obtain samples of rock, process the rock(crushing), and test the rock for aggregate quality. This is being done to reuse the rock cut from the project as Base Course, RipRap, and Structural Backfill. Rock blasting may take place later this week or early next week.

Safety and Protection of the Kinnickinnic River are the main concerns of all parties involved.