There have been some subtle changes. The caddis and the blue wings have slowed down their prolific hatching status but are still present, just in smaller numbers. It is possible to hunt with a dry and have success each time you are out. Although I consider this kind of a “summer mode” behavior for the trout they are looking up on a regular basis now. The water is clear. Catching will be difficult if you decide spooking first doesn’t matter. Bugs are still abundant on rocks, fish are still less finiky than they will be on your pattern choices.

The progression of wild flower blooms are pushing ahead. This is one way I loosely keep track the hatches of aquatic insects. As you all know we are ahead of the norm for temp warm up, and with this variable in place mother nature will just keep pace and do what she normally does. I like the recent cool down. I hope it holds because I would rather not see summer until summer!!!!  A longer spring and a shorter hot summer will make this neck of the woods the perfect climate to reside in, the trout will like it better as well. Throw in a long cool fall and a warmish winter with just enough snow to recreate properly and we will have the best kept secret of any of the fly over states. Get out there and DO!