First, About .25″ of rain last night, water should be fine for the weekend.

 I arrived at the Lower Kinni lot around 8:45am. Two men were working on the data collection box and gauge height monitor that send the signal to our computers each day about flows and such on the lower Kinni. The green box will be moved upstream 100 yards and across the river from its present location. The capabilities will be updated with some new technology including a phosphorus  monitor to track that substance in the river. These two men were hydro-tech’s from the USGS. While I was gearing up for my long walk up the lower the Pierce County Highway Commissioner also arrived to look at the project site. It sounds as though there will be NO access to this lower entry point once the construction begins in May and that will continue through the end of the season. This project is happening so be aware and spread the word to other anglers.

The water yesterday was clear as crystal and water temps were 46 in the morning as I began my scouting mission. I had not worked my way up this section of water for a long time and the travel, temps and fishing were all enjoyable. Catching began a bit slowly and picked up by mid-day as water temps rose to 49 degrees. I dead drifted nymphs and midge larva and stripped streamers all with success. The prevalent insects in the air during the warmth of the day were crane-flies and midges I think folks may be mistaking this bug for a BWO and until I caught a few I was not sure myself. There were plenty of cream midges as well. I saw a fair number of (maybe 50 in the whole day)rises to flies but continued to nymph. I am pretty sure the rises were to these gray colored crane-flies which I can’t remember seeing at this time of year before. I am taking a gray marker to My cheddar head crane fly and coloring the body light gray. I will try them in the next few days. The size is the same and it only takes a swipe of the marker to color the light yellow to gray. I will let you know how they work.

Something odd happened around mid-day. I hooked the fish pictured above on a number 20 jujube midge in black. Yes a 27″Pike on my 3 weight! There was no fight. The small pike swung in the current and beached itself on a sand bar below me. The 3 weight Sage ONE was fully bent and I was sure I hit the Mother Load but there was barely a wiggle. Upon further inspection the fish had a heron peck injury and seemed disoriented. The water was cold and I think he was on his last leg fin. Needless to say it was a an exciting occurrence. He may have been pecked at the dam or above and was struggling to survive. This is my second pike on the lower in 30 years. I turned him loose.

Lastly, I found a pair of wading boots at the tennis courts by Glen Park and the trail to the Dam last week. They had been there for a day or two. If anyone knows who they belong to, shoot me an email and I will get them back to you.

REMEMBER your fishing license and trout stamp expire at the end of March.