#18 Kinni Nymph

As of 2 pm today’s high temps put water into the streams, but it was not enough to cause a clarity problem. Most rivers except the very small are holding a bit of small particle stain which will add a bit of cover for anglers. Go fish.

#12 Bloody Prince

The Southeast of Minnesota waters also have cleared to fishable. Look for midge and small stone hatches and there have been BWO sightings as well.

#14 Graphic caddis

Fish were eating almost everything from #12 prince nymphs and large caddis larva to scuds and hares ears. Look for water temp rises during the day to get the fish going. A thermometer at this time of year can help predict the activity level of the trout. They have got to be hungry. Catching is picking up. Slow water seams and water deeper than two feet seem to be the most productive target sites.

As always at this time of year conditions can change in a heart beat.

Guys and Gals, Thanks for all the reports.