Looks like the warm weather yesterday has kicked all the run-off gullies to flow again. Most all of the waters in Pierce County went off color at 4 Pm yesterday and continue to run high. The ground is muddy and there is not to much snow to melt yet which should be a good sign. Hope the waters will be back to fishable by the weekend.

Here is how my friend Randy spent the afternoon;

“Window of Opportunity”                     Tuesday, March 6th
With the promise of sun and 50 degrees, Kevin and I decided the chance to connect to a few Wiley Browns was too hard to pass up. We met at the Kinni around 11:00 and started to fish “picnic run”. Picked up a couple but slow.
 Worked our way to the “Football Pool” and picked up a couple on the way, but still slow for this time of year. At the “Football pool” it started the same. Then, as if the Trout God’s smiled on us, it was rare if a good drift did not produce at least a strike.
 The frenzy continued until 2:00 when it stopped as abruptly as it started.
Here’s the theory! When we got to the Kinni none of the dry runs had moving water, but when we left they were all flowing with snow melt.  The water must have warmed up a couple of degrees around 1:00 and then dropped at 2:00 when the run off entered the river.
(A friend joined us at 2:00 and got in some good mending practice) but we enjoyed the warm sun with the sights and sounds of the river.
It was a window of opportunity we are grateful for.