Two local authors’ new books have recently been on my reading list. The first is a book of poems titled Stone & Sky by Larry Gavin. The other is titled Katz Creek And Other Stories by Perry Palin. Perry and Larry are both part of our local fly fishing community. Congratulations are in order on their new books.  Here is a bit more about each;

Stone & Sky

This book of poems is short and sweet. I found myself reading and re-reading this little gem. Each page turn uncovered deeper and deeper meaning hidden beneath the words. Searching one’s own soul is as easy as a glance in the mirror. Interpreting another man’s depth through the reading of his words is the the chance to look through his eyes. Value and power are rarely in plain sight. Larry’s poetry has both. An enjoyable collection. I met Larry through the late Tom Helgeson where on numerous occasions I enjoyed listening to him read aloud from one of his previous publications. Larry has also been featured on the Gray Goat blog with his poem Before Stepping and the short story Fishing Dog. He is reading from this work February 24 as part of the Faribault Congregational Church Concert Series- 7:30 Tickets at the door.

Tom, Larry, Brian

Katz Creek And Other Stories

This book of short stories is written from the youthful perspective of a boy’s love for all things out of doors. There is no shortage of woods and water or forest and farm. Eventually all worlds collide with the author’s love of trout. Perry somehow weaves each tale along a secret creek-side path leaving the reader completely unaware of what is around the next bend. A giant brook trout, a team of mules, poachers, burning buildings and burning desires only scratch the surface of the adventure living within these short stories. Nature deficit disorder be damned! This one’s a keeper, put it in your creel. Katz Creek And Other Short Stories. Perry also was a guest author on Gray Goat. His short story A Short History Of A Contented Raceis a favorite.

Perry on the Run

The cover art for both of these books is done by another local fly fishing guru done good, John Koch. John’s artwork has been recently featured in Greys Sporting Journal and numerous other fine publications.


As Cloud the goat and I sat in the sun this morning all was well in our little world for a small moment in time. The sun ramped-up its intensity and basking was glorious. As I closed my eyes and imagined, I looked to the future. I looked to opening day and to fish on the line. To time with family and friends and projects around the house. Cloud on the other hand, seemed to be imagining the past. The opening and shutting of his eyes mimicked a cameras shutter. Pictures of springs past, flashed through his mind. He stood motionless, warmed, content. I followed his lead. Cloud is old. He is wise. A simple pleasure like the sun on his face is important to him.  He knows every sun is to be relished. He teaches, I learn. Time is. Life is much shorter. Bask when you can.