OK, here is the first box of stuff that the little elf left at my door. He told me to get rid of it. You won’t need all of it, but there are some fantastic values here. There is more to come I am just tired of writing it down.
Here is how it works.  Send an email to andy@graygoatflyfishing.com with your request. Because this is first come first serve I will respond to you if you are the first to get the product/products you desire. I will also tell you if you are not. The first number on the list is quantity (how many of each item I have). Be specific on how many of them you would like, some items there is only 1 of. Payment will be by cash, check or I can send a paypal invoice. Shipping will cost you what it costs me. With some of the bigger stuff we can arrange a meeting in the cities if you like. There is still some more stuff to sell off including some Fly rods. I will always post it here first as a benefit to those of you who follow my blog. Thanks and good luck.

New Freshwater lines

Sage Performance Taper II
3- WF-2-Floating-yellow Retail $50.00 Your price $15.00/each
SOLD 1- WF-6 Floating-yellow Retail $50.00 Your price $15.00

Sage Quiet Taper II
SOLD 1-WF-0-Floating-yellow Retail $56.00 Your price $15.00

Rio Selective Trout
SOLD 1-WF-2-Floating-camo green Retail $64.95 Your price $15.00
SOLD   1-DT-2-Floating-camo green Retail $64.95 Your price $15.00

Scientific Anglers-Mastery Series
SOLD 1- WF-2- Floating XPS- gray Retail $63.95 Your price $15.00
2- WF-4-Floating Headstart-optic yellow Retail $43.95 Your price $10.00/each

Sinking lines
SOLD There are 3 sinking lines, all WF-5. I am packaging these 3 lines all together into one price. This is your chance to fully outfit your 5 weight with the sinking lines you need for the lake or to strip streamers on the Big Horn in Montana. This package includes 1-SA Mastery Series WF-5-Uniform Sink type II, 1-SA WF-5- uniform sink type III, and 1 Rio Aqualux WF-5-Intermediate clear line. These three lines Retail For Over $180.00 Your price $40.00 for the three of them.

Saltwater lines

SOLD  1-WF-10-S clear SA Mastery Series Retail $69.95 Your price $15.00
SOLD  1-WF-10-intermediate Rio powerflex core Aqua/clear Retail $69.95 Your price $15.00
1-WF-11-F horizon SA Mastery Series Retail $69.95 Your price $15.00
1-WF-13-F horizon SA Mastery Series Retail $69.95 Your price $15.00
1-WF-13-S clear SA Mastery Series Retail $69.95 Your price $15.00

1-WF-10-F Scientific Anglers Sharkskin-yellow Retail $99.95 Your Price $40.00/each
1-WF-6-F Saltwater Horizon SA Mastery Series Retail $63.95 Your price $15.00
SOLD  1-WF-9-F Saltwater Horizon SA Mastery Series Retail $63.95 Your price $15.00
1-WF-11-F Saltwater Horizon SA Mastery Series Retail $63.95 Your price $15.00
SOLD  1WF-9 -F Sage Equator Taper II Retail $55.00 Your price $10.00

These glasses can be used on their own but are designed as fit-overs. Both pair are size Mini Slim for fitting over Rx frames no larger than 4 15/16” w x 1 1/2” h

SOLD  1-black/amber  Retail $39.95 Your price $ 7.00
SOLD  1-black/gray     Retail $39.95 Your price $ 7.00

All Mono spools $1.00/each

Maxima Chameleon

Hard Mason
SOLD1-20lb .022

Fluorocarbon tippet is what I attach to my mono leader when I fish. This product is the strongest pound test/diameter on the market. It never gets old and generally retails for between $10 and $17 per spool

Rio and Umpqua Fluoro spools $3.00/each

Rio-fluoroflex plus
3-0x 15lb

Umpqua Superfluoro
4-0x 15lb
SOLD 1-1x 13lb
SOLD 1-2x 11lb
SOLD 2-7x 2.5lb

Rio Fluoroflex- big spool 20yd leader/saltwater
SOLD 2-.017 diameter 25lb
2-.019 diameter 30lb
2-.021 diameter 29lb
2-.023 diameter 44lb

Seaguar Grandmax Flurocarbon Tippet $6.00/each
Your chance to try this product as cheap as you will find it.
This is the strongest of all the fluoro.

1-1x 14.5lb
3-3x 9.2lb
SOLD 14x 7.0lb


SOLD 3-Dr. Slick pin on wire zingers. Retail $6.50 Your price $2.00/each

1-Replacement net bag sized for a Wachter net will fit a number of tear drop shaped nets. Retail $14.00 Your price $5.00

1-triangular 5 piece rod travel tube fits 3-5 piece rods. Retail $63.00 Your price $10.00

1-round 5 piece rod travel tube fits up to 5-5piece rods, Retail $63.00 Your price $10.00

SOLD 2- Gear Keeper Net Retractors (best quality for a retractable net keeper)www.gearkeeper.com model RT3-4524 Retail $25 Your price $7.00