Trevor Asked;

Hi Andy,

Headed up to the Brule this weekend with a friend for some possible early steelhead action.  Any tips?  This will be my first time fly fishing for steelhead in WI.  I was up there around the same time you were and canoed the same upper stretch of the river.  We’re going to try and get a lot closer to the mouth on this trip, however.

Any advice is appreciated!




First off, may you have Good Luck and may the Steelhead Gods look favorably on you. Fish the same way you have been taught to catch any other trout that you have fished for. The water is running below average,  but a few fish have been caught. Closer to the mouth some salmon have also been caught. Approach as if you are on a small stream and the fish are spooky. DON’T just walk into the main runs and begin fishing. Be stealthy! You would be surprised how many Brule anglers don’t take the stealth factor into account. Try fishing smaller bugs first #12, 14, 16. The water that is closer to the mouth is lower gradient and deep in some spots. Fish may be moving in and out but in slower water will make it easier for them to detect your presence. Never under estimate the “first light, first bite” theory(Brule Theory 19); low light on clear days may give you an advantage. All this being said, afternoon fish have been caught, not many from the reports I am getting, but still you have a chance. Grab the Bull by the horns or the chrome by the tail, and have fun. Give me a report when you get back.
This picture was taken by my friend Carl Haensel.