Just Nuts!

You know the old saying whenever you show up on a river and it fishes rather poorly.  The guide or the guy at the shop tells you when you should have been there, like yesterday or last week. How were you supposed to know? If someone would have told you the river would be on fire on Monday you would have been there, right?  The fish ate today, all day. Dries, wets, swings, dead drift. Fast water, slow water,,,,, everything,,,,,,everywhere. It was a day a guide loves to watch. He loves the look on the face of his client when fish after fish, of all sizes, come to hand. I am glad I was with ya Dave.

On a side note;

As active as the fish were today, other forms of life wanted to get in the mix as well. Around mid-day we began to hear  odd noises in the brush behind us. There were branches cracking and weird popping noises that I could not identify. I assured my client that it was probably a deer or a goat since the high bluff behind us would not allow for human travel. As the wind began to swirl through the canyon and shift direction, the waters surface just up stream of where we were fishing began to explode with loud splashes. First one splash then 5, then 20. I was certain now that some Yahoo, standing high on the bluff, was trying to pelt us with rocks and was just a poor aim. Upon further inspection, I spotted the assailant. Turns out a small grove of trees had decided today was the day to abscess its fruit from the tree. We sat and watched as hundreds of the golf ball size nuggets hit the water. The harder the wind would blow, the more balls would hit the water. I had never seen it in person before. Like the fishing today it was just nuts! Walnuts:)