My Friend Andy with an R sent me this email for those of you that can volunteer some hours to help make these projects happen more effectively. This is the way you as an angler are able to get first hand knowledge of the opportunities we have in our area to fish for trout and support the conservation effort. Who knows you may even find a new treasure that you never knew existed. New fishing spots are gold.

If you could get the word out via your website, these projects could benefit from getting some people involved with some current restoration projects. Kiaptuwish is looking for 12-15 volunteers to build lunker structures for two stream restoration projects currently underway in Pierce County; a section of Plum Creek right in the town of Plum City and Pine Creek just south of Maiden Rock.  We are hoping to find volunteers for two half day sessions on July 23rd and July 30th to complete @40 lunker structures for each site.  Tools will be provided and work supervised by John Sours of the WIDNR.  We are tentatively hoping to start work by 8-9:00 each day and wrap up by early afternoon with a lunch.  Those interested should contact me so that I can give them more details as the project develops. Another stream restoration project is currently underway on Bear Creek just east of Durand.  Rick Bauer is spearheading this project where the stream runs through his 300 acre farm.  This past Tues. evening started off the restoration with some brush clearing and ongoing Tues. work nights are planned.  Contact Rick at if interested.