A reader sent this to me this evening, If you can help, by all means do. Can there be a drain-way dug into the channel with a shovel?


I am sure this is a regularly occurring phenomenon, but sad nonetheless.  Yesterday, just below the first big hole above the Gun Club on the Rush, I found a cut off channel about 20 yards long five feet across, with a nice pod of trout (and suckers) trapped in it.  There was one brown in there about 14 inches.  I was trying to figure how to get them out, but no luck.  I tried catching them with a bugger, and then trapping them and catching them with my net, but the water was still too deep and wide and they just swam by me.

Water needs to go up at least 2 and half feet to get that channel to open up again.  Otherwise, if any of your readers are heading there tomorrow, maybe they could bring a big landing net with them.