Here is what is happening in SE Minnesota. Obviously, conditions will vary from location to location and that will make it difficult to predict exactly what the water conditions are from hour to hour. As of yesterday the Whitewater Branches had become muddy. The Lanesboro Area was OK as of the 16th, but I have not been able to get credible information since then. I will keep trying.

Hay creek probably looks like the creeks in Pierce County Wisconsin. They are swelling, off color but not muddy yet. Today may push it, but the temps are not supposed to get above freezing. Tomorrow is a toss-up. It is far too difficult to predict.

Streams are generally swelling with snow melt during the warm daytime temps. The temps at night are freezing and stopping the water that is moving into the rivers from the melting snow. Reports from those that are fishing have been variable, but fish are being caught during all times of the day with scuds in orange and olive, caddis larva in tan and olive, midge larva in black tan and white and the occasional Turkey leach stripped slowly through deep water.

The region has lost 1/2 to 2/3 of the snow pack from sun areas and fields and is going nice and slow. a good sign for the days to come.

The pileated above was plucking buds from a hackberry tree and let me get as close to him as I have ever gotten. Usually these birds are so wary, but not today.??????