I will try and add  NEW STUFF to this post all day today

First, there is a new TOM HELGESON’S GREATWATERS FLY FISHING EXPO page that has been activated. This page should provide you with the most up to date information regarding the Expo. If you don’t find what your looking for, the contacts appearing on the bottom of the provided link will personally answer any questions you have regarding this years Expo. The exciting information about GREATWATERS  has just begun to be released to the public. Stay tuned!


YES, yes, I know. I have not been out myself yet but fish are being caught on a number of Southeast Minnesota streams and rivers. The snow is deep and the trekking is tough but the fish are hungry. Trout are eating everything from zebra midge pupa in size# 22 to Turkey leaches in size #8. Risers have even been spotted and caught on Midge dry patterns like the Griffith’s polar gnat. Even the Air-Head Pink Squirrel has caught a few fish. Many big pools are still iced over but Look for a warm up near the end of the week to change that. Good Luck!

Griffiths Polar Gnat

Air-head Pink Squirrel