The water level is continuing to drop from a raging 500cfs just a few weeks ago to 194 today. The cold is coming. The fish are there. Reports from the last two weeks on “hooking” and “catching” have been mixed…… always. DNR warned that the run numbers could be lower the next few years but we won’t know for a while yet. The high water through most of the middle of the season may have kept anglers away as well as let fish swim more freely up above Brule to their safe haven from anglers. This is the last weekend of the steelhead season on the Brule, and it looks to be all around cooler temps than the last few weeks. Overcast is great, snow and wind character building, it makes the stories better. Look for fishing to be best if you are the first one to fish a particular spot in the morning or are on the water ┬áduring the afternoon warm-up. Either way this is your last chance to hook one of these magnificent wild fish for the 2010 season. Try using bright colors and small flies. See ya there.

Steelheading ends on the Brule, Monday November 15.