Last night the Lower Kinni came out of its shell a bit since the recent flooding. The features that remained relatively unchanged fished well. The new cuts, scoops and bends are beginning to be populated with regular residents. It was nice to see some of this new “fishy looking water” spit out some hungry fish. A few weeds have begun to rejuvenate along with the attached insects, but I still have to wonder what portion of the trout’s staple diet was lost with the scouring of the rocks and the sweeping of the silt and sand. We did see a few blue wings in the air with a few fish looking up and responding to their presence. There is a good chance that we will have an incredible last month of fishing as the brown trout try to fatten-up before the spawn. I do have a few days open this September on my guide calendar. With the water up and the weeds down it should be a perfect opportunity for some good fishing.