The last three days have seen at least 7/10 of an inch of rain on each night. It is raining more. The rivers held just fine on the first and second rains but I have not seen them today. The Kinni is going at 122cfs and probably will rise if it continues to rain today. As we all continue to explore our old rivers that have become newly shaped by the recent flash flood, I continue to be amazed. Emails and reports from other anglers are filled with a slight hint of confusion. I have felt it myself, visiting locations that prior to the changes I could fish with ease and be confident of fooling fish, I will have to re-learn how to angle as effectively as before. This confusion must be the same within the trout populations in our rivers. What they knew as the comfort and safety of their holding, feeding and prime lies are gone in many cases. They are sorting out the new furniture arrangements and I am sure reestablishing pecking order on the new real-estate. Fish are being caught and bugs are starting to show again but it will take a while. The last month remains for us to explore and solve new angling problems. Looks like the temps are cooling down and if the rain stops and the Mosquito’s let up, all will sort itself out.

Thank you to those of you who sent photos, So far this is the above photo is the best. The photo was sent to me by my friend Tim M. with these words. “Attached is a photo that pretty much sums up the flood”. ¬†Enjoy these pictures of the rivers and lets hope it gets better from here.