The rain continues today and the soil in the watersheds is in saturated condition. Fortunately the rain is slow and steady, but any large rain event will throw the rivers into a mess. The rainfall totals during these kind of extended wet periods can be highly variable from place to place, so it will be almost impossible to know what your favorite river will look like. The water conditions can change on an hourly basis. Stay tuned and I will tell you what I know for sure.

A elder that I ran into while I was teaching on Saturday was having success swinging soft hackles on the upper Kinni. After indicator fishing for the first hour with the students and having little success, we switched to swing small S.H. p.tails and Partridge and orange and all the students caught fish. Swinging soft hackles is a technique that is active, simple and can be deadly effective. I learned on Saturday to give this technique more time on the water during my daily fishing outings, I had forgotten how exciting fishing in this manner can be. Remember, listen to your elders, and make adjustments when success at catching is low.

Wild, is the Wild Parsnip that is prevelant along the road sides and riversides. As an angler you must absoulutly learn to identify this plant. If you don’t observe this plant, and avoid it, you will pay in blood, skin and pain.

Here is the link: Wild Parsnip

The picture above is from my friend Brian from Viroqua, notice the double.