“I decided to take a day and hike around the “metro area” DNR-classified trout streams within 20-40 minutes of my house for the first time. Some of the streams seemed perfect for trout if it were not for the beaver work. There must be a trout or two in some of the dams, but I didn’t see any signs. Several trout streams are within 40 minutes of your front door that could be good fishing if it was not for the beavers.

What do you think?”


I think it is a bit more complicated than just the beaver dams. Each of the streams you visited probably has its own set of challenges besides the beaver dams. If these streams that you visited are classified by the DNR, they must have data on the health of these rivers. I remember helping with an assessment of the “identified” metro area trout streams about 10 years ago with Trout Unlimited. The conservation organization was trying to make a decision on their next stream improvement project. There were so many issues that surfaced in regard to individual streams; issues from private land owner, access problems, endangered species, storm water run off, and the fact that some people really just love beavers and will ask why is it justified to displace or kill the beavers to replace them with trout. With the exception of the monies from the Legacy Fund, the DNR is short on money these days and beaver dam removal is probably low on their list. The good thing is that YOU have made an effort to look at some streams and ask some questions. The answers are out there and if you have the passion to follow through, you will find out what is possible at this time. There are a number of good organizations like Trout Unlimited that you will find as assets if you decide to take this question and quest seriously, and TU is already doing a number of projects close to home. Talk with their leadership, they are good passionate people and they probably have some of the answers you seek. Research the streams that you think would be “good fishing” and find out if there are underlying reasons why these streams are not being addressed. Ultimately this is about YOU getting involved in answering your own question and you have begun that here.

Good Question, keep digging, you will get the answers you seek.