Well … I’m a little embarrased to ask this questions but here goes. I was on the Rush a couple of weeks ago during a little caddis hatch; the action was awesome. I noticed what appeared to be a pretty good size fish feeding a little upstream from where I was standing. I put my dry right where I wanted and he took it … big time. A great fight ensued and then … snap … he was gone. When I retrieved my line I noticed that what happened is my blood knot seperated. Nothing broke, just seperated. Here’s my question; is there a better knot than the blood knot to connect tippet to leader? If so, what is it? Are there big differences in knot strength that is tied to the brand name/quality of the leader and/or tippet? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I have always used the double surgeon’s knot. Some use triple, but I have never found it necessary. The knot is much simpler to tie than a blood knot and faster, I think. I have never put much stock in knot strength rating as it applies to fishing. I know there are many opinions on this subject, but this is mine. There is no real way to compile meaningful data on the subject since the tests are performed on machines and not in real fishing situations. I think anglers may put this subject under the microscope too often. Knots are fun to learn, tie and are important links in our tackle system. I do use different knots for different situations. Blaming knots for bad outcomes, though, seems just to add another variable to shake our confidence in a sport where we already question every decision we make. Remember we tie the knots and sometimes poorly. I don’t know any experienced angler who is upset when the small one gets away on a break off. Only when the big one gets away do we question everything from the hook to the holder of the rod. It is hard to get over when a pea brained fish out smarts us and then kicks our butt, but it happens. Those fish, most of all, are the ones we desire to hold for just a moment. To admire their incredible beauty and will, before kissing them on the lips and sliding them back into the water; that allows us both to experience the luxury of life.
I do think there can be a problem with old tippet and or bad batches of tippet. These problems I know for a fact do happen. I date all of my tippet.
Try the Surgeon’s knot, I think you will like it, and don’t be too hard on yourself.