Dave Norling and I with one of his rods

Weather and water conditions for the Wisconsin 2010 trout opener were spectacular in most places from Berkhart to Viroqua. Judging from the car count at accesses to angler count on the streams, anglers were ecstatic that this day had finally come. From reports I received throughout the state, fish were caught on everything from Buggers to Blue Wings and anglers spent the last two days on the water enjoying themselves and the resources that we are soooooo lucky to call our home waters.

Part of the Crew

Part of the Crew

Locally, reports of water being off color and getting worse on the Upper Kinni were submitted to me. The Lower Kinni remained clear throughout Saturday and is probably fine today, judging by water flow data, although the gage height is rising. The Rush also held through Sunday. Snow pack is settling at a quick pace and the first few inches of soil are quite soggy. I am not sure if water clarity can continue to hold, if the warm weather persists. It did not freeze here last night but hopefully the temps will keep the snow moving into the system slowly. If we get a good rain there will probably be a high water episode. Snow shoes made it easier to travel in some places where a long hike was necessary to access the river, but travel along the river corridor seemed fine without them.

Jeff and Jim at the Feast

Jeff and Jim at the Feast

To the opening day crew- Randy, Gerd, Jim, Dan, Bob, John, Jeff, Dave N. Dave N. JR., Brian, Jeremy, Ozzy and Neil-Thanks for joining together and making opening day an unforgettable event as always. Dave, you are of rare stock. At age 80 I only hope to make the trek down the billy goat trail and catch 8 fish before anyone else has gotten into the water. You are a mentor and your words of wisdom will never fall on deaf ears amongst our crew.

Bella and John

To the overnight crew, thank you for putting up with my complicated vocabulary ranging from the nonsensical gibberish of a 3 year old to the vulgarity of a drunken sailor. Being in your company is more fun than watching a monkey hump a football. Although I have not won at poker in the last 8 years, it continues to be the highlight of the evening. Even solving a complicated matter like turning pennies into quarters seems so easy when so many great minds gather around the poker table that I am certain I can handle all life’s problems in the blink of an eye. I would have it no other way. To laugh myself to tears shows me that magical times of my youth, when nothing but fun and discovery were demanded of me, still can be found among good friends.

Randy Rigging Up

A Friend

Thanks for some of the picks Brian.

As a side note for those of you who did not know it, there has been some DNR Rule Changes for the 2010 Early Catch and Release Trout Season in Wisconsin. Check them out at the link above.