The snow is falling and the cold temperatures are set to return. The Minnesota Winter Trout season is in full swing and the fish are hungry. Wisconsin’s Early trout season is just around the corner, commencing on the first Saturday in March. There is no better time to pull out the rod and reel, check the line and leader, and get the rust off with a little indoor casting. The first session of our casting schools have begun inside the warm confines of the Prairie Dome in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The second of two five class casting schools is soon to begin. Don’t miss out on a chance to have some fun AND improve both your casting accuracy and distance. These classes are instructed by myself and a number of top guides in the area specializing in Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Musky. Troy Anderson, FFF certified casting instructor and owner of Muskie on the Fly Guide Service, Kip Viet, Smallmouth Guru and owner of Wildwood Float Trips and Brett Nelson, guide and a member of the Pro Staff at The Hayward Fly Fishing Company will all be instructing on a weekly basis, providing you with the valuable information you need to be a successful fly angler. Here is the link to sign up.

CDC Biot Comparadun

Tying classes have also begun.  Many fly anglers try to re-build their stock of flies that fell victim to snags and fish in the past year. Now is the time to spend some time at the vice, tying up some new creations and learning some new techniques. Tying classes are being held in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Prescott and River Falls, Wisconsin. Here are the links to sign up for Eden Prairie. Contact me about Prescott or River Falls classes.

My guide schedule is beginning to book for spring and summer fishing. As fly anglers, we all strive to become more successful at catching. Sometimes it is one small variable we need to adjust or maybe need to look at solving a particular Hi thereangling problem from a different point of view.  My desire is to help you improve both your angling skills as well as your sanity. Every day on the water with me is filled with new discoveries as well as entertaining conversation… we may even catch a fish or two. Look at your schedule and find a day(preferably a weekday) to play hooky from work and catch up on your sanity fishing.