Hi Andy,
I was fishing a brook trout stream in Wisconsin at the end of the summer and had quite a bit of luck using a Joes hopper.  I snapped a couple of pictures of the trout I caught including one pretty large brook trout (see attached pictures).    When I got home and looked at the pictures on my computer I saw that the big brook I caught didn’t have red spots with blue halos like the rest of the fish.  I looked in my Trout of North America book and found nothing that fit.  Have you ever run across this?  Is this some sort of mutant brook or is is a hybrid?  For comparison I attached another fish I caught with nice red spots and blue halos.
Thanks for taking a look


I see the variation you speak about. I think it is just that, a variation. All trout are not created equal and there could be a number of reasons for the departure from the normal ID characteristics. If you would not mind, I would like to throw it out there on the Ask Andy section of the web site and see if we get a rock solid identification. we might both learn something new.