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Question for you regarding waders. I bought a pair of breathable Hodgmens from Sportmen’s Wearhouse at the going out of business sale.  I got what I paid for.  They were leaking within two weeks.  I’m going to upgrade.  Do I drop the cash and get a pair Sims or do I go a little more mid-price pair such as Cabelas?  With all the bushwacking and mud in the spring in this area, I’m pretty hard on waders.  I don’t want to spring for the Sims and then wreck them as I’ve heard Sims can be pain with returns.


First, Get ahold of Hodgeman. They are pretty good at customer service as far as I understand. That should get you a replacement for the leakers. Second, budget is always a concern. Hands down Simm’s is the best. Durability in breathable waders is continuing to improve, but the most durable are the most expensive. Nothing stops barb wire and unfortunately it is not the manufacturers fault when we anglers run into it. Simm’s does not do returns because they stand behind their products. If there is a problem, they will fix it. I had only 1 pair in 11 years of being a dealer for Simm’s leak out of the box. They replaced those. All but the cheapest of Simm’s waders are made in the US. Cabela’s are fine and they stand behind them, but I am not sold on the quality. Ultimately, stay within your budget, look at durability, get the best you can. I think we in the Midwest are harder on waders than the Western guys. They do more boating and wet wading than we do. I have never been disappointed in the quality and fit of Simm’s waders. Their service has been top notch as well. Once again none of the waders are bullet proof and they do wear out depending upon how you use them.