Sparkle Dun Trico (avaliable on line at Gray Goat)

Sparkle Dun Trico (avaliable on line at Gray Goat)

Trico Duns are an important part of each day’s hatch cycle. Early in the morning as the females emerge the fish can key on these tiny duns. The males hatching the previous evening also play a roll in the world of duns and can be quite effective as the mating clouds begin to disperse. Many times I will use a dun pattern as the lead fly in a two fly combo. I usually fish the duns in one size larger than the naturals. The white wings make it a bit easier to see the location of your flies as they drift on the water. Here is an assortment of pictures of the best dun patterns I have found.

CDC Thorax Trico Dun(male)

CDC Thorax Trico Dun (male)

AK Best Quill Body Dun(female)

AK Best Quill Body Dun (female)

CDC Comparadun Trico(male)

CDC Comparadun Trico (male)

Bunny Dun(male)

Bunny Dun (male)

Wonder Wing Para-Dun(female)

Wonder Wing Para-Dun (female)

Wonder Wing Para-Dun(male)

Wonder Wing Para-Dun (male)

AK Best Quill Body Parachute(female)

AK Best Quill Body Parachute (female)

Harrop Last Chance Cripple

Harrop Last Chance Cripple

Harrop CDC Transitional Dun

Harrop CDC Transitional Dun