4 New Gallery School Dates (Trico Gallery School)

July: Friday, July 24th and Monday, July 27th

August: Monday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 9th

These 4 dates have now come available to fish the early morning Trico hatch. Learn the tactics involved in fishing this tiny mayfly and see how easy/difficult/rewarding it can be to fish during hatch conditions to our ultra-selective spring creek trout. Due to the nature of this hatch these classes are for those who can get out of bed and be on the stream early in the morning. I mean real early. This hatch is temperature dependent and start time will vary from sunrise to 9 am. In order to catch the trout you will have to rise at the same time they do, as well as choose the right pattern and present the fly correctly. This will all become crystal clear when we spend our day on the water. Limit: 2 anglers per school. Cost:$60.00/angler

Individual Lessons and Classes

As always, casting and tying can be taught on an individual basis. Need a tune up before the big fishing trip? Want to learn how to tie flies but the class times don’t fit your schedule? Never hesitate to set up an individual lesson. One on one learning is often the best way to cut down the learning curve and enable you to improve your skills faster. Cost:$40.00/hr

Fly Tying Classes:

Now is the time when I begin to set up my locations for winter tying classes. Drop me a line if there is a location where you would like to see classes held. I will do my best to get close.