img_1732Hi Andy,
I moved to the twin cites area about 4 years ago and have been fishing MN trout streams where I caught quite a few brown trout. This year I finally spent the extra money and bought a Wisconsin license and stated fishing the Kinnikinnick. The first two brown trout I caught and 4 out of the first 6 jumped. As far as I know Minnesota browns and browns in general don’t jump as often as rainbows. It would be great to here your experience with the browns in the kinny or other streams. It might be just a coincidence but I thought I would ask you about it anyway.

Hi Davin
I’m not sure where all of this legend and lore started about brown trout not jumping? I think I heard it first in Montana after I had been fishing jumping brown trout around here for years. When I looked at the gentleman who proclaimed this, in a perplexed manner, he too was puzzled. After explaining to him that I had experienced browns jumping on many occasions, I don’t think he believed me.
I believe that all fish can jump for many different reasons. Sometimes out of joy or anger. Sometimes out of fear or when they are chasing food. But mostly when the have just eaten a meal that is attached to a line with an angler on the other end or they have been hooked in the anus. Hope you are using barbless! Great question Davin, I have never seen any hard data on this topic.