img_1751Saturday we received 1 inch of much needed rain. The Rain came slow and steady, perfect to wet the ground and recharge the river. The Blue Wings liked it too, with a tremendous hatch on the Kinni late in the day. The water level spiked a bit but came back down rapidly and only put a slight stain in the water, as the Kinni usually shows.  The Rush has remained crystal clear to this point. As I write to you this morning, Rain has been falling since 4AM, a little harder than Saturday but the duration should be shorter. The rain gauge has 3/4 inch in it and the skies are beginning to lighten.  It won’t be a blow out, I don’t think. I will get you another report tonight. River temps also dropped by about 5 degrees, which is good. This is a picture of last nights brown, you can see the clear water.