Mason asked:


my name is mason. I saw your site while searching flyfishing on the internet.Awesome site!.
I am in grade 10 and have been tying for a year and a half.
I live with my mom in Alberta. ( I dont have a dad) and she drops me off at the creeks, rivers and lakes so I can fish as much I can. We dont have allot of money and I do my best shoveling driveways and doing yardwork in the summer. I also have a paper route. My question is. Do you have any scraps from tying or anything old your shop is throwing out that I could possibly have? or anything else that has to do with flyfishing or tying that your store might be giving away or broken and don’t need that I could possibly fix and use?I dont have a fly shop in the town I live in just walmart and canadian tire.mason I do my best with what I have. So maybe when your done tying could you save your scraps for me? I want to be a biologist when Im older so I do real good in school and always look at the bugs and that stuff when im fishing! If I love flyfishing and it is something I will never stop doing.

thanks and I hope to hear back from you



It would be an honor to help you continue your fly fishing journey. The passion you show towards fly fishing and the outdoors comes from within. Follow it, it will connect you to life and beauty that few get the chance to experience. It will give you a place to always go when the world gets crazy and you need a place to think. Brag only a little about your accomplishments at catching fish, you are allowed that at your age. Know in your heart that you are strong and can overcome all of life’s challenges. The answers to all of your questions are hidden in the trees and the rocks and the lives of the animals that will watch you fish, if you look hard enough you will find them. Be good to your Mother she will need your patience and help as you grow older. The waters have spoken to you and they are the same waters that we both must strive to protect. I know this must sound like a bunch of gobbledy gook to you right now but it will make more sense as you grow older.
There is one catch to your request as you will learn there often is in life. You must promise to help others who seek to learn of your passion for fly fishing. Teach them with honor, integrity and purpose about the importance of the wild places and the fish. Be confident in your causes but always humble. Work hard and take responsibility for your actions.

As you grow old and gray as I am, these are the things that I wish for from the youth of your country and mine. It will make the world a better place. I have placed a lot on your plate, but I am confident in your success.