img_1602Reports through the system are that the Iron Blue Duns, Beatis, BWO’s, or what ever you like to call them have begun their dance on the rivers of Pierce Co. Higher concentrations of the size 16-18 winged wonders have been apparent in the upper sections of the rivers. Waters are still super clear and fish can be spotted and sight fished to with ease. Catching can be another story. The fish are hungry and will act with a bit more reckless abandon then during the summer under the same conditions. Nymphing in broken water also worked well with fish in the warm afternoon moving 6 feet or more to take a big hunk of stonefly. More of the inch long stoneflies were also fluttering in their helicopter grace above the surface of the water.

img_3414A day out on the water with a friend is what you need. It was a great last few days for myself, friends and students. Thanks for listening, watching, and showing me how important the rewards of a fly fishing adventure  can be by the twinkle in your eyes and a smile on your face. Be stealthy, it helps in many situations. Approach cautiously and learn to cast from your knees in softer water. They CAN see you.