First fish of the day.

The water continues to have mid-August clarity and levels. The rain has not come to Pierce county except in spits and spatters this spring. Soil moisture is good and most fields have yet to be plowed. Stream water temps have hung in the low 40’s and fish seem to be active for only part of the day or in specific locations. Once again it is important to cover a lot of water to find the active fish. Midges are in the air and on the water. Pockets of top-water feeding are sporadic.

The first gallery school was a big success ending on a high note. A small plunge pool the size of a Volkswagen beetle held our attention for almost an hour. The anglers in the group managed to touch 12 fish in this small pool, each rotating through 4 times. Seven fish were landed. Search the site for the Gallery school and see how this new school format is conducted. If you and your friends would like to partake in a gallery school, e-mail me for available dates.